Why Should I take a CPR class?

April 9, 2014 Cheryl Smith CPR, CPR Training, First Aid

CPR class

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, better known as CPR can be a very valuable and useful skill that could prevent death. However, many people simply don’t know how to do it (other than what they have seen on TV) and they don’t plan on learning it.  If more Americans learned CPR it could save thousands of lives every year.  Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in American, killing over 400,000 each year.  If someone begins CPR immediately when someone starts to go into arrest their chance of survival increases greatly.  It is a vital skill and more people should be taking CPR classes.  So often we think that only healthcare providers should be trained but why not everyone?  Every day we come into contact with someone that is at risk of having a heart attack or stroke and may need CPR.  CPR is easy to learn and can be administered by most people.  

When someone goes into cardiac arrest it prevents blood and oxygen from entering the brain and heart.  Time is precious and knowing CPR will allow the victim extra time until the emergency medical response team (911) arrives.  If you can begin CPR when someone becomes unconscious you add valuable minutes to their life and may be able to keep them alive until more advanced personnel arrive.

CPR can help several types of medical emergency including: stroke, drowning, suffocation, electrocution, shock, choking and more.  If a person has an obstructed airway, you can learn the steps needed in order to save his/her life.  CPR classes can teach you how to perform abdominal thrusts to the victim and this simple act can keep someone alive.  You will also learn how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator) in your CPR class.  AEDs are found in many public areas such as malls, airports and other large venues.  AEDs can be used to shock the heart if a person is experiencing cardiac arrest.

While it may not seem like you will ever need to know these skills, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Knowing these skills can be the difference between life or death in many cases.   Many people that have taken CPR classes are still hesitant to perform CPR when needed because they are worried they may do something wrong or even hurt the victim.  Please remember that if is better to do something!  Doing nothing will most likely result in death.  Any CPR is better than no CPR! As a bystander acting in good faith you also may not be held liable while doing CPR.  Look into your state’s Good Samaritan law.

CPR courses are so important and it is crucial that every American learn these skills.  Sign up for a class today!  CPR Choice offers classes that are fun and engaging and allow each student lots of hands-on experience.  Do not hesitate to learn CPR, you could make a difference, you could save a life!

Why Should You Choose CPR Choice?

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"This is the BEST CPR class I have ever been to. As an RN, I’ve been to lots over the years. HIGHLY recommend this one!"

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"I have been taking an annual CPR class for about eight years now, and never before now have I felt like I had such a complete grasp on the material."

"Best CPR class I have taken as an RN in 10 yrs! The instructor, Kristy, was the best instructor! Systematic approach to teaching with tons of energy and obvious interest in teaching CPR. Thank you!"

"I'll be back in two years for renewal! Thanks CPR Choice!"

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