The Real Spooks of Halloween!

October 27, 2014 Cheryl Smith Awareness and Prevention, Children's Health


It’s hard not to get spooked by all the Halloween safety tips and warnings that appear this time of year. The good news is there are some simple ways to keep your little pumpkin safe.  Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep your family “spook” free!

Jack-o-Lanterns: Older children can learn to cut pumpkins and light candles with adult supervision.  Younger children can help scoop out the seeds and draw designs on the pumpkins with a marker.  Also be careful of the pumpkin seeds, they can become a choking hazard for little ones.

Dress for safety:  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, two of the most common reasons why children end up in the emergency room on Halloween include eye injuries caused by sharp objects and burns from flammable costumes.   Even though cuteness counts, be sure to help your child pick a costume that is flame-resistant, not too long or loose or have any pieces that can get caught on or in something.  And avoid props, such as swords, unless they are short, soft and blunt.

Skip Masks:  Avoid anything that can obstruct their vision, such as a mask.  Be creative and add face paint to complement their costume.

Be a beacon:  Pedestrian and vehicle incidents double on Halloween as compared to other nights.  If your plans include trick or treating in the evening, remember to choose a bright-colored costume.  Another great option that allows your little goblin to be more visible is to add reflective tape or glow necklaces, bracelets to their costume.  And don’t forget your flashlight!

Candy Check: On average about 12,000 children a year are treated in emergency rooms as a result of a choking incident.  Parents should inspect all candy before children are allowed to eat it, paying attention to any candy that is not sealed tightly or the packaging is ripped or cut.  The majority of Halloween candy that causes the highest risk of choking includes hard candy, nuts, raison, fruit snacks, gum or anything gooey or sticky, such as caramel or taffy.  Also, be careful with nonedible treats too that can cause choking hazards, for example little balls or marbles.

Keep these tips in mind, and leave the spooking to the haunted houses!

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