Spring Cleaning- Are You Ready?

March 31, 2015 Cheryl Smith Charity, CPR Classes

spring cleaningSpring is in the AIR!

Spring has finally arrived in East Tennessee, and I am so thankful to see tulips coming up, daffodils, and color blooming everywhere. The change in the seasons is one of the reasons I love East Tennessee. We have distinct seasons and the reoccurring theme is we always love to see one end and another begin. With the unexpected winter we had including lots of snow and ice, warmer weather and the official change of seasons is a welcome sign!

Along with the change in landscape we also are welcomed with increased pollen, spring storms and weather alerts and the urge to spring clean! For me spring is always a great time to de-clutter your house, your garage, your car, work- every place you touch daily! Our lives are filled with so many material objects and clutter adds up fast. Here’s a few tips on how to de-clutter your world:

  1. Start with a list! It helps you stay on task and you get such a great feeling when you can mark a completed item of the list! I break the list down to house, garage and outside attention. Every year my list includes every room, it’s a great way for me to go back and ensure that any clutter that has accumulated over the past year is cleared and in most cases it’s an easy check mark for me! It also allows me to see items I need to work on, such as new bedding or new nightstands and I can be on the lookout in my shopping adventures. And that’s a new list of “Wants” or “Upgrades”.  It’s nice to have these items in mind as your shopping, especially at different seasons so you can cash in on the sales! Remember though- if you add items, you need to subtract them too!
  2. Set up a few buckets or boxes before you start- 1. Things you will keep but need a home, 2. Things you can donate- these are items you haven’t used but are in good shape and can benefit others and 3. TRASH! Don’t be afraid to throw things away!!
  3. Get detailed in every room- organize and de-clutter closets, cabinets, drawers, everything. If you haven’t used it in a year decide how to get rid of it- donate or trash!
  4. Be realistic about completing this project! If you have a busy schedule, which most of us do, set aside a few hours a week to work on your list. You’ll see continuous progress, which will help you keep your motivation, and things will be so much easier for you moving forward. For example, having a place for frequently used items, such as car keys, bills, shoes, etc. will save you time, energy and help reduce your stress. Now I know we all need that!

I promise once you start this process you will become addicted to the feeling and it will be harder for you to slide back into old habits. A perk could also include your ability to think past your day-to-day and dream about ways to give back to others, or focus on a dream or hobby that you didn’t have time to focus on before.  CPR Choice is doing just that, we are continuously looking for ways to offer additional classes that fill a functional need as well as ways to offer our services back to our community! 2015 will be exciting and we want you there with us! Stay tuned for more information….

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"This is the BEST CPR class I have ever been to. As an RN, I’ve been to lots over the years. HIGHLY recommend this one!"

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"I have been taking an annual CPR class for about eight years now, and never before now have I felt like I had such a complete grasp on the material."

"Best CPR class I have taken as an RN in 10 yrs! The instructor, Kristy, was the best instructor! Systematic approach to teaching with tons of energy and obvious interest in teaching CPR. Thank you!"

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