Got New Year’s Resolutions?

December 31, 2014 Cheryl Smith Awareness and Prevention, Diet and Nutrition, Holiday

Got Your Game Face On?

Welcome to the New Year 2015! Are you ready? Do you have your New Year’s resolutions documented and a game plan in place? As we all know, resolutions come in all forms. Many of which focus on self-improvement, financial related goals, and relationships.

CPR Choice wants to challenge you to include some resolutions this year that will benefit you, as well as others.

We hope these goals will make it on your list this year:

Healthy living!

Most people focus on losing weight and set unrealistic goals. Let’s face it, not everyone will look like a Victoria’s Secret model. So, focus on things you can control and manage.

  • Eat right!Eat a balanced meal– include fruits, vegetables
  • Drink your water! Avoid sugary drinks that add calories and who knows what else!
  • Get out & move– Plan time in your schedule to be active. A daily 30 min walk improves your health, as well as your emotional well-being. Get out today & let us know how you feel!

We challenge you to focus on the 3 above– eating a balanced meal, drinking water, and exercising and if your goal is also weight loss please take baby steps. Set a realistic weight loss goal and remember you won’t lose the weight overnight—it’s a lifestyle change. So start 2015- slow and steady with good eating & exercising habits and you’ll see a difference.

Financial freedom

This is your year! Now is the time to review your finances and set some realistic goals for your family. Job stability is becoming more of an issue and being financially secure in the event of the unexpected job loss is key to reducing stress on your family.

  • Simplify your life– review your budget, looking for areas where you can cut back and make a plan for future events, such as vacations or weekend trips.
  • De-clutter your world– take the time to de clutter your home and sell any items you either don’t need or use. This is a great way to put away some funds for a new item or a family trip.
  • Family time– eating out is part of every family’s life and make a pact to eat at home, cooking together and saving money! This is a great opportunity to save money, share some family time either in the kitchen or at the dinner table. Both will pay off in the end—we promise!

Social Interactions

Relationships, building business networks, spending more time with your family– all these are a result of TIME. In 2015, focus on spending time with the right people, the people who need you, love you and the ones that support you and challenge you.

  • Make FriendsVolunteering is good for you– emotionally and physically! Look for opportunities for you individually as well as group opportunities for your family and friends.
  • Spend quality time with your significant other– it’s important and helps you maintain your bond.   Life changes quickly, if you have someone by your side, invest the time to maintain and grow your relationship.
  • Friends, friends, friends– friends come in all sizes and support levels. Make sure you include these special people in your life! Friends are important to keep you grounded, offer different perspectives, offer honest feedback and the majority of time are just like family. Don’t forget what value they bring to your life!
  • Learn a new hobby or skill– a great example of this is getting your loved ones together to learn a new language or life-saving skills, such as CPR. You could save a life and share some fun experiences! Contact us for a family discount!

Our Goals

CPR Choice’s goals are in place- personal and professional. We hope you will adopt and share some of these tips and resolutions- for you and your family too!

Again, CPR Choice is excited about what 2015 has to offer and we are committed to making it our best year ever! We are passionate about our business and providing our clients with life-saving skills taught by the best staff in the area. We revisit our company’s vision every year to ensure we are setting future goals that will lead us in the right direction! Our vision is to be a nationwide CPR provider, providing quality training that is engaging and interesting. To be an advocate for AED use and a worldwide provider of AEDS. We are looking forward to you being part of our journey this year!


Happy New Year!

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