Knoxville's CPR Choice FAQKnoxville's CPR Choice FAQ - We've fielded quite a few questions relating to CPR, First Aid, and AED administration in the past ten years serving the Knoxville community, as well as general questions relating to our services and policies. Scanning through the FAQ, may save you some time. Click on any question in the list below to expand and view the answer.

We hope you find the information you need here, but if you have a question that's not on this page that you would like answered, please email us! We would love to hear from you and always appreciate feedback.

Our CPR FAQ is updated often to provide you with the most current information. We take a kaizen approach to business building, which means continual growth and improvement. Listening to customers and understanding your needs is our prime objective, so we can continue to improve and provide the area's very best CPR service and related medical training for the next ten years and beyond! CPR Choice - Your #1 Source for CPR training information - Learn CPR, Save Lives!

Answer: You can cancel at anytime. Please just let us know. We can also change your registration for a future date, if something comes up and you can not attend the class you originally planned.
Answer: It is necessary to be on time. Since this is a learning based class founded on demonstrations you must be present for the entire class. The first 10 minutes of class are used for registration and check-in.
Answer: Sure! No problem. Go to our Replacement CPR Card page and complete the form. There will be a $7 charge to re-issue you a new card.
Answer: Yes. We want your child and/or yourself to feel safe and comfortable. Children ages 10 and older may attend classes.
Answer: Books are not included in the price of the classes listed online, but are available for purchase from We also have a limited number of books available at class. Heartsaver CPR/AED, CPR/AED/First Aid, and BLS for the Healthcare Provider books are encouraged in order to reference information at later dates.
Answer: Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in. Our classes are a combination between classroom-style learning and hands-on training. You'll want to be prepared to be active and attentive.
Answer: Yes. Every student will have the opportunity to practice CPR on a realistic manikin in a stress-free environment. We will help you perform CPR the right way and make sure you leave feeling comfortable that you can perform CPR if necessary.
Answer: The Good Samaritan Act will protect you if you're worried about liability, as long as you're offering reasonable assistance and not being willfully negligent. We stress that you should ask the victim if they need help. An unconscious victim automatically consents to being helped by definition (including application of First Aid, CPR, AED and other aid). We understand that you may be reluctant or scared, but if you remember your training and try to do your best, you really could save a life. Healthcare professionals, however, are often held to a higher standard, even if they are not on duty. Ultimately, it's up to you whether to act or not.
Answer: There is not a test for the Heartsaver CPR/AED or First Aid classes. However, there is a test in the BLS for Healthcare Provider class (25 questions). Each question is discussed during class and students will be more than prepared to pass the written test.
Answer: We can offer either certification, depending on what your requirements are, and they are very similar in scope and practice, but many organizations only accept AHA certifications so be sure to double check. Although AHA CPR training is considered the de-facto standard, both AHA and Red Cross are fine options for anyone who wishes to gain a broad understanding of CPR and/or First Aid. Both organizations are dedicated to providing intensive CPR classes and valuable safety training courses. The goal of both the AHA and ARC is reducing heart-attack-related deaths in the country, and saving lives. Both CPR programs from American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) are in line with the latest published CPR literature and scientific studies. Again, we can offer either program to you, but AHA is the most commonly selected training option.
Answer: It's really, truly best if you get hands-on certified, but if you prefer, online classes can be purchased through the AHA. Check it out at Once you complete the online portion, CPR Choice--Knoxville's Premier Provider of CPR-- will conduct the Skills Check required to complete your certification. If you are interested in taking an Online CPR Course (Blended Learning), please call us at 865-548-1500 or email us at to set up a time and date for your skills check. Skills testing is $20-35 depending upon the skills check needed. Don’t be fooled by online only classes. They’re everywhere on the internet, seemingly legitimate organizations offering instant CPR or First aid certification for busy people. It often states on those websites that online-only CPR or first aid certification is nationally accepted. They are not! No major nationally recognized training program in the US endorses certification with out practice and evaluation of hands-on skills. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) online training alone does not meet their requirements. For more information on Online CPR Scams, click here.
Answer: Everyone needs CPR training! Our goal is to deliver high quality training and to create a casual, fun atmosphere. We make sure that all students feel confident in their ability to perform the life saving skills we teach. CPR know-how goes beyond practical skills that can save lives--it may be mandatory for one's place of employment. Specifically, the guidelines from OSHA ( state, "OSHA requires certain employers to have CPR-trained rescuers on site. Sudden cardiac arrest is a potential risk at all worksites, regardless of the type of work. Serious consideration should be given to establishing a workplace AED program. First-aid supplies must be available in adequate quantities and be readily accessible. First-aid training courses should include instruction in general and workplace hazard-specific knowledge and skills. CPR training should incorporate AED training if an AED is available at the worksite. First-aid training should be repeated periodically to maintain and update knowledge and skills. Management commitment and worker involvement is vital in developing, implementing and assessing a workplace first-aid program." Even if one's employer doesn't require it, being able to perform the life-saving skill of CPR and operate an AED with confidence is still a valuable asset to have. We train everyone from doctors and nurses to construction workers, personal trainers, teachers, hotel staff, manufacturing plant operators, volunteers, childcare providers, and many others.
Answer:  If you notify us before class starts we can refund your payment. If you are unable to attend, we are happy to reschedule you for a different class or refund your payment.
Answer: We accept cash, debit/credit cards, or business checks at the class. We may also invoice your company with 30-day payment terms or you can choose to prepay online, using our secure checkout for credit cards or you may pay using PayPal.
Answer: For individuals, Check Out Our Calendar And Complete The Registration Form. For groups, please visit the Group Training Page on our website and complete the required information. You may also contact us at or call 865-548-1500.
Answer: As the title suggests the BLS Class is for Healthcare Providers. Although anyone is allowed to take the BLS class, it is required for healthcare professionals – especially those who work in a clinical healthcare environment (such as hospitals, doctors offices, labs, and clinics to name a few). These professionals include, but are not limited to: doctors, physician assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists, and the like (as well as students for any medical related profession). These two classes are similar but do have very distinct differences that a healthcare provider needs to be aware of; while Heartsaver classes are designed for the lay person, such as: lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians, moms, dads, foster parents, persons getting ready to adopt, babysitters, nannies, child care professionals, boy scouts, girl scouts – persons who do not work in a healthcare setting but would still like to become CPR certified. Please note that anyone is able to take the BLS class regardless of their occupation! If a BLS class satisfies your schedule better feel free to sign up for the class. Please inquire with your employer and/or your licensing/credentialing services before registering for a class if you are unsure.
Answer: All CPR and First Aid classes are a two-year certification and cards are received at class upon successful completion of the training and demonstration of skills. See the question above for more info. Other safety and medical training classes may vary, i.e. Blood Borne Pathogens is a one-year certification. For information on all our available courses, including pricing and certification details, please visit our CPR & First Aid Classes page.
Answer: Yes. Most often, the need is for an AHA class. A two year American Heart Association certification card will be given to you upon completion of the training at class. No waiting necessary. We are in the business of teaching CPR, not just "handing out cards". So, when you leave our class, we are confident that you'll be confident and competent at performing the life-saving skills, if the occasion arises. See more reasons Why You Should Choose CPR Choice!
Answer: Of course! Please email CPR Choice at for more information. Group rates vary based upon the number of students you plan on having and the number of classes you anticipate having. It is best to contact us via the Contact Form or via email at and let us know when you are looking to have a class, where you are located, which type of class you need, and the number of students you have in mind. We'll coordinate the necessary staff, resources, and materials to accommodate you!
Answer: Yes! If you have a group of eight or more individuals, we will come to you and train you and your associates in your environment. Please make sure you have space available to accommodate the group. It's no problem for us to do remote CPR, First-Aid or related medical training at your venue! It's a win-win and we absolutely love teaching large groups... (please inquire about a group discount!) Please complete our group inquiries form, call (leave a message if we can't answer), or email us at for more information. Rates to come to your place of work or home vary based upon the number of students you plan on having and the number of classes you anticipate having. Simply let us know what group/organization you are with, when you are looking to have a class, where you are located, which type of class(es) you need, and the number of students you have in mind and we'll get you set up!
Answer: Our phone number is 865-548-1500. We try and answer phone calls between the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday and 9 am - 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. However, if we do not answer we are probably talking with another customer or teaching a class and are unable to answer. Many questions can be answered here on our website. If you decide to call and leave a message, messages are returned in the order they are left (usually within 24 hours). If you would like a faster response please email as emails are usually answered faster, the same day. Please note that not every class we teach is listed on this site, as We Often Teach On-Site at other businesses. Thus, if we are not able to take your call, please try us again, leave a message, email us, or complete the Contact Form for inquiry regarding groups of eight or more.
Answer: We work seven days a week and teach from several locations or travel to provide on-site service. Please Visit Our Calendar to see all class times. Our office hours are by appointment only. Please email to arrange a time to meet.
Answer: We have a new West Knoxville location! We are now located at:
CPR Choice 9111 Cross Park Drive, #D200 Knoxville, TN 37923

Check out our training room! Here is a photo of the area where our CPR classes will be held. Comfortable seating for up to 24 people and equipped with flat screen television & white board. We are thrilled to have this more permanent location that will provide a nice learning environment for our students.

Our new CPR Choice location in West Knoxville!

CPR Choice's new location in West Knoxville, is centrally located to all of the areas we serve! Our service areas include: Knox, Anderson, Blount, Roane, Loudon, Sevier counties and more. The new CPR Choice office and training center is directly off Cedar Bluff Rd, near I-40. For your convenience, we also have training locations in North and Downtown Knoxville areas, the Maryville area, and locations in the Tri-Cities area. For groups of eight or more, we'll come to your site! Contact us if you need any help scheduling the best class for you. Remember to choose CPR Choice, the best choice for all your CPR training needs!

Answer: The good news is, we have multiple locations in Knoxville and just opened a new West Knoxville CPR Training location! Our new address and primary location is:
CPR Choice 9111 Cross Park Drive, #D200 Knoxville, TN 37923
We offer CPR training on a regular basis at several different locations to serve you better. Our calendar is stocked full of classes! Our goal is simple, to provide convenient and flexible access to the best CPR training to meet your needs. We have a location in North Knoxville, West Knoxville, downtown Knoxville, and two Maryville locations - all classes include the location and map in the event registration form. You'll also receive an email with easy to follow directions. We also have locations in the Tri-Cities area. Please check our calendar for currently offered CPR and Safety Training Classes to find the best date and venue for you. If you have a large group, we will come to you! We have the resources and instructors on hand to meet your demands, whether you need certification for 1 or 1000 (seriously!) Contact us and we'll work with your schedule to get your training done at the time that works best for you.
Answer: This is our number one asked question! Remember, CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation not "cell phone repair" - although we have been asked to fix an iPhone or two- ha! Yes, we offer CPR training for individuals and groups at your location or ours. We provide high quality AHA certification classes that are fun and engaging. Please find the class that's right for you on our CPR & First Aid Classes page. We teach many healthcare providers and the BLS course by AHA (American Heart Association) as well as the Heartsaver/AED and First Aid courses are our most popular.

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"This is the BEST CPR class I have ever been to. As an RN, I’ve been to lots over the years. HIGHLY recommend this one!"

"I highly recommend CPR Choice for healthcare provider certification! It was easy to schedule and Cheryl kept the class interesting and informative. This was by far my best experience taking a CPR class. Thanks Cheryl!"

"I have been taking an annual CPR class for about eight years now, and never before now have I felt like I had such a complete grasp on the material."

"Best CPR class I have taken as an RN in 10 yrs! The instructor, Kristy, was the best instructor! Systematic approach to teaching with tons of energy and obvious interest in teaching CPR. Thank you!"

"I'll be back in two years for renewal! Thanks CPR Choice!"

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