Did you purchase eclipse glasses recently from us? 
We have received an email from Amazon saying that all of the glasses sold were purchased by a third party vendor, Doubtless Bay. All of the glasses claim to be CE certified and are stamped with the ISO certification, 12312-2. They are also stamped that they were manufactured by American Paper Optics, an approved vendor. (see attached picture)
However, CPR Choice nor Amazon, can not confirm that Doubtless Bay purchased them directly from American Paper Optics. It is also important to note, that no matter which glasses you use that you should not use them for more than 3 minutes continuous use. It should also be noted that glasses can not be scratched, folded or wrinkled to work properly. Because we are unable to confirm the source of purchase we are willing to refund any customer that purchased glasses from CPR Choice. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.